X-Team 全职远程


About X-Team

X-Team is a 100% remote international company that provides dedicated, high-performing and on-demand teams of developers for the world's leading brands since 2006.

We believe in living a life of freedom that allows you to spend more time getting energized by your passions. We've fostered a unique, active lifestyle and culture around this idea that continues to attract thousands of developers to apply every day.

Our community is the most energizing community for developers in the world.

What separates us from our competition is the level of attention and care we give our developers compared to other more "talent"-based solutions. We proactively support them, fund their learning and growth, connect them in roaming hacker houses around the world, and give them a remote environment that motivates and inspires them on a daily basis. While other companies simply place and drop their talent, we foster and cater to our unified teams of developers centered around the same beliefs, values and lifestyle.

We're uniquely situated to help shape how companies grow their businesses in the digital age and aid them in being able to do so properly with the right people.

Watch this video to hear our CEO explain what makes X-Team special.

About The Role:

An X-Team Senior Technical Solutions Manager interacts with potential and current partners in all sectors - from startups to large enterprises across industries. You'll be the technical arm of our sales team, helping with sales pitches, RFPs, understanding requirements, scoping, high level architecture plans, defining teams & roles, and ultimately helping secure deals and welcome new partners to X-Team. 

In addition to pre-sales, you'll also help steer engineering teams toward success, meeting regularly with engineering team leads and key stakeholders across multiple teams within X-Team. You'll also help maintain strong relationships with our partners, helping to ensure expectations are both realistic and properly being set/reset.

Ultimately what makes for successful partnerships is a combination of strong technical leadership, account/relationship/expectations management, and a team of world-class, forward-moving engineers. This is the X-Team model and what's allowed us to work with the world's leading brands for more than a decade.

About You:
  • Strong experience working in pre-sales on software development projects across a variety of technologies (JavaScript, DevOps, Mobile, etc.)
  • Demonstrable ability to communicate, present and influence key stakeholders at all levels of an organization, including executive and C-level
  • Experience working with clients in a B2B environment.
  • Experience crafting detailed proposals in response to RFPs.
  • Experience leading software development teams to successfully ship projects that exceed expectations.
  • Proven ability to juggle multiple accounts/teams at a time, while maintaining sharp attention to detail.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Independent, proactive and self-motivated with a proven track record of always learning and growing and able to thrive under pressure.
  • Possess a spirit of generosity and positive attitude.

Nice to have:
  • Engineering background as a former manager or team lead.
  • Experience with working remotely and with classic remote platforms (Slack, Trello, Google Suite, Zoom, etc.).
  • Experience with project management.
  • Familiarity with handling and language of service/consultant contractual agreements.

  • Work from anywhere, including flexibility with daily working hours
  • Travel and conference budget
  • Entertainment budget for client engagement
  • Unleash+ budget ($2,500/year) for personal growth


X-Team是一家100%远程的国际公司,为领先品牌提供高效,按需提供的有动机的开发人员团队。目前正在招聘一名工程背景为前任经理或团队负责人。需要具有远程工作和经典远程平台(Slack,Trello,Google Suite,Zoom等)的经验。


  • 名称: X-Team
  • 官网: http://x-team.com
  • 公司简介:
  • X-Team是一家100%远程的国际公司,为领先品牌提供高效,按需提供的有动机的开发人员团队。