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Jellysmack is a company specializing in the creation of original video content on social networks. With more than 3 billion views per month, Jellysmack has experienced a meteoric rise, continues to grow and aims to become the world leader in its field. The recipe for this success is based on the quality of our content, but also on the technology operating in the background. Jellysmack has developed a suite of proprietary tools, powered by AI, allowing our content teams to publish, get inspired, understand the trend, analyze the results, but much more, tools that analyze online content. , people's reactions to this content, and what the trend will be tomorrow.

After more than 2 years of technical development, Jellysmack offers a unique technology based on 3 products which aim to optimize the creation and social distribution of videos.

The Tech team works for the implementation of tools used internally by the content teams to determine the topics that are buzzing, help them in the creation of content, monitor the performance of internal videos etc ... by injecting into each of these products a substantial dose of algorithmics, statistics and machine / deep learning.

In direct connection with the Head Of Data (based in Corsica), you will be required to work on different issues - primarily focused around NLP - and on very different projects, involving large amounts of data (several hundred million of videos stored in date database with their text metadata, more than 21 billion comments ...).

Within a team of seven data scientists, you will be the team's referent on these subjects of language analysis and understanding and you will have an advisory role.

Main missions 
  • Moving from a business issue to a data science algorithm
  • Moving from a POC to an algorithm in production
  • Popularize a state-of-the-art algorithm and be a referent for the Data Science team
  • Being autonomous on tools like Git, having already worked under docker - ideally under AWS
Some examples of subjects:
  • Sentiment analysis on video comments
  • Extracting topics from titles, descriptions, video comments
  • Categorization of thematic videos from all the textual elements we have
  • Automatic title / tag generation of videos ...
  • Creation of an algorithm to identify the best creators on a given theme
  • Analysis of videos (content and metadata) to better understand user retention
  • Cost optimization on fan acquisition
  • Automatic video editing generation ... 

Required profile 
  • Doctor in computer science or graduate of a master's degree in data science, you have at least 5 years of experience,
  • Autonomy on the transition to algorithm production will be essential,
  • You are a teacher on the transmission of your knowledge,
  • You have a very good level of SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL). 


Jellysmack是一家专门在社交网络上创建原始视频内容的公司。 目前正在招聘一名有5年工作经验的数据科学师,他需要有计算机博士学位或者数据科学硕士学位,同时需要有很强的SQL(MySQL和PostgreSQL)能力


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  • Jellysmack是一家专门在社交网络上创建原始视频内容的公司。Jellysmack每月的浏览量超过30亿,经历了飞速发展,并持续增长,并致力于成为该领域的世界领导者。