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GoDigitalChina is seeking an excellent and experienced customer success manager to help keep up with our growth.

If you are an experienced SaaS customer success rep or an account executive who does not disappear once the sale is closed, then you might be the person we are looking for.

If you recognize the challenges being tackled by companies outside of China doing business in China or reaching Chinese customers in an increasingly complex and tricky digital landscape, then you are probably searching for the solutions we are working on.

If you have talked with salespeople and marketers frustrated by the lack of transparency and understandable ways of doing digital marketing in China, then you will know what we are trying to solve.

Here at GoDigitalChina, we are a team of 13 full-time people, with plans of doubling over the next 12 months.

Focused on enriching peoples’ lives by connecting the world, we make doing business in China easy for everyone, by developing and delivering cloud software and consultancy services.

What you will do:

At GoDigitalChina as a customer success manager, you will have an exciting opportunity to help drive the growth and shape the future of digital marketing in China. Your responsibilities will include closing leads and onboarding new customers, support, account management, educating customers, and more. 

The ideal candidate will possess both account management and digital marketing background, enabling them to drive engagement at the CXO level as well as with marketing teams. You should be a self-starter who is ready to develop and execute plans and deliver results. Team members look to customer success for input on key decisions, so your role will be crucial to our success.

Our focus is on closing the inbound leads and growing the accounts, however, as time permits, you will be expected to do outbound contact with potential clients.

·         Develop and execute against a comprehensive account/territory plan.
·         Close and onboard new customers and educate the end-user of our platform
·         Create & articulate compelling value propositions around GoDigitalChina’s services 
·         Create & maintain an opportunity pipeline and drive consistent account-specific activities 
·         Develop long-term strategic relationships with key accounts 
·         Drive retention and growth among our most valuable customers
·         Ensure customer satisfaction 
·         Support your assigned Accounts on their strategic content and service issues. 
·         Provide insights to customers to ensure that they get the most out of the AdChina.io platform
·         Represent the voice of the customer to inform our growth team and product roadmap
  • This is not an exhaustive list of what you’ll be working on. It is an opening scope, and you should be prepared to take on other challenges and tasks as well because we are a startup in rapid growth.

Who we’re looking for:

·         3+ years customer success or account management experience in a SaaS, software, or consulting company.

·         Proven track record of working in a customer-facing role, responsible for closing or growing revenue in accounts.

·         Proven track record of delivering the solution value to customers (As a team member or leader)

·         Experience of working with HubSpot, Trello, Slack, or similar platforms is good to have.

·         Have, or be willing to learn, basic technical knowledge on digital marketing in China such as Channels, best-practices, differences from west to confidently discuss these with clients.

Skills and Qualifications:

Must have:

·         Experience running and closing leads with an average order value of over $2500.

·         Experience working with, and managing, stakeholders and customers

·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

·         Flexible approach, able to operate effectively with uncertainty and change

·         Organized and detail-oriented, with the ability to work independently

·         Language skills: English at full professional proficiency, both written & spoken, additional languages at full professional proficiency is a plus

Good to have:

·         Higher relevant education preferred but not essential

·         Experience selling advertising technology or online advertising

·         China ability, understanding of China’s digital ecosystem, experience with digital advertising in China

·         Extensive customer network throughout your current location

·         Empathetic, positive attitude with a desire to help our customers reach their goals

·         You are organized and detail-oriented and have the ability to work independently

·         You are a proactive problem solver by nature and have a positive mindset

·         Driven, self-motivated, enthusiastic and with a “can-do” attitude

·         Clear communication skills, as we are a multi-location/remote company

To learn a bit more about us and how we work, here are our company rules:

1. Do the right thing.

2. Be honest.

3. Keep promises.

4. Mistakes are allowed.

5. Talk is cheap, everyone should deliver.

6. Be understanding and patient.

7. Show gratitude.

8. Use your brain.

9. Be positive.

10. Avoid complaining.


We get together twice a year in person for all-hands meetings and team building. But this February we did our meeting online due to Covid-19.

You will be expected to be available online using instant messaging software (We use Slack and WeChat) during your work, of which at least 4 hours daily should be overlapping European working hours.

You'll be attending weekly all-hands team meetings on Mondays, and outside of that we keep in regular touch via Slack, WeChat and video hangouts as needed throughout the week.


Ps. Most of us who work in GoDigitalChina today have a special connection or interest in China, and we would love to hear what makes you want to work at a company whose aim is to bridge the gap between the world and China.

-Work from anywhere, as long as you can overlap with the team by 4 hours. (Easiest done from Europe or Asia)
-Growth & competitive salary (USD 30’000-50’000 depending on experience)
-2x Annual retreats
-Full-time (40 hours per week) remote job with contract. This is NOT a freelance / part-time position you can do in tandem with other professional endeavors.
-For employees in Norway we are able to offer full-time employment.
-Compensated time off based on your location

How to apply:
-Apply using the link below:

Ps. We are very excited to receive a very high number of applicants, but due to the volume, we are unfortunately only able to respond to successful candidates.


GoDigitalChina AS是一家帮助客户在中国进行营销广告策划的公司。他们通过开发和提供云软件和咨询服务,使客户更容易在中国的扩展业务。目前正在招聘一名客户成功经理,需要有在SaaS,软件或咨询公司方面拥有3年以上客户成功经验或客户管理经验。


  • 名称: GoDigitalChina AS
  • 官网: https://adchina.io
  • 公司简介:
  • GoDigitalChina AS是一家帮助客户在中国进行营销广告策划的公司。他们通过开发和提供云软件和咨询服务,使客户更容易在中国的扩展业务。 公司总部位于挪威,创始人及成员主要来自中国和挪威,是一个分布式的团队,成员分布在多个时区。