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About Us
Maharishi Foundation International (MFI) is a US-registered non-profit that supports the development of new technologies and outreach opportunities for the worldwide Transcendental Meditation organisations. Over the past 60 years, more than 10 million people worldwide have learned the TM technique through personal instruction by tens of thousands of certified teachers. 

MFI is a growing, fully remote team of over 30 people, located across North America and Europe. As an organisation we are committed to leveraging modern technology and progressive management practices to make the TM technique and its related programmes more available to people everywhere. 

We favor a healthy and balanced work environment with opportunities for personal development.  
Job Summary
As a Quality Assurance Manager at MFI you will be responsible for defining, establishing and maintaining process and standards for QA as well as conducting regular and thorough testing working closely with product owners, designers and developers. You will be involved in the whole software development lifecycle - from  initial requirements, test implementation, and reporting and analytics, and be accountable for the quality of your work, and the work of other testers.
Qualities we are looking for
  • A highly analytical and detailed approach to your work - defining comprehensive testing approaches and strategies for a number of different software products.
  • An ability to manage your own workload - you will work autonomously within the team, and be expected to be proactive in suggesting improvements and refinements to existing processes, tools and output.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills - you will need to provide detailed scenarios for testing, and for the recreation of bugs - both for a technical and non-technical audience.
  • Provide a positive and constructive contribution to the team - QA is an essential part of the development process, and you will be expected to be creative in your ability to define use cases for testing as well as recommend improvements to be made by all team members.
  • An awareness of industry trends and techniques - not only from the end user device perspective, but testing tools and processes that should be adopted as they evolve.

Experience and core skills
  • 4+ years experience working on digital products and services.
  • Define test plans, criteria and environment requirements to conduct testing.
  • Carry out detailed testing on various software products, and write clear bug reports for development teams to resolve.
  • Generate reports for analysis to show constant improvement in software quality.
  • Understand the balance between automated and manual testing. Whilst coding skills are not essential, the ability to write automated tests will be seen as a huge positive.
  • Demonstrate continuous learning to understand new software and technologies to improve the testing process.
  • Proactively suggest improvements in business processes to enable higher efficiency and product quality.
  • Support the customer services team by writing clear documentation for the resolution of common customer issues.
  • Recommend changes that can be made to the development process to improve quality of software.
Pay and benefits
Our pay levels are set according to a formula combining median market rates with a discount on market rate of a certain percentage due to our non-profit status, and taking into account your cost of living due to where you are based (where MFI splits any saving due to cost of living adjustments with you).

We take the issue of equitable pay very seriously, and we apply our pay formula to all workers who work 80% or more of full time hours with us.

Diversity and inclusion
We place real importance on diversity and we strive to ensure all of our team feel included and can bring their whole selves to work. We also know that this work is never ‘done’ or complete.

If you feel that you may not have all the skills and experience to apply? Please do consider applying, even if you think you fit only 50% of the Skills and Qualifications outlined above. 


Maharishi Foundation International(MFI)是一家在美国注册的非营利组织,致力于为全球先验冥想组织开发新技术和拓展机会。在过去的60年中,全球有超过1000万人通过成千上万认证教师的个人指导学习了TM技术。目前MFI正在招聘一名质量保证(QA)经理,需要有4年以上从事数字产品和服务的经验。


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  • Maharishi Foundation International(MFI)是一家在美国注册的非营利组织,致力于为全球先验冥想组织开发新技术和拓展机会。在过去的60年中,全球有超过1000万人通过成千上万认证教师的个人指导学习了TM技术。