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Sked Social helps our customers schedule and manage their content on Instagram and other social media platforms.

We work with customers from small businesses through to global brands, and everything in between. We're a startup with a team of ~15, profitable and scaling up our offering to customers.

We are looking for an experienced Javascript developer/engineer to be part of our team.

We operate on a MERN stack, and our team generally works across the full stack rather than just back or front end (although, of course, you might have more experience with one than another!).

We have a fully remote team distributed around the world and have always worked in this model, so we know how to do remote effectively. We work hard to keep our customers around the globe happy, and we're proud of our success over the last 5+ years.

You'll be collaborating particularly with our other engineers in Australia and the US, and the broader team which is based in the US, Europe and Australia. Our company has a flat structure, so you’ll report to the Founder but work closely with other teams where needed.

Your mission

The core mission of our engineers is to build a product that our customers will love. You will work hard to create new features, refactor code, and build new services entirely in collaboration with your engineering colleagues and our product team. You will bring your past experience to help us iterate rapidly and build for the future.

Your role

We'll know you are successful when you:

  • Become the 'engineering owner' of both some existing feature areas and new ones
  • Actively collaborate with your engineering colleagues and the product team
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to understand what they need
  • Deploy bug-free code to production that is easily maintainable
  • Improve code quality as you work
  • Work on short release cycles to iteratively test and refine our platform
  • Our stack We use a fairly plain MEAN stack: NodeJS/Express, MongoDb, and React and AngularJS (1) (we are progressively migrating everything to React, so it’s a bit of one and the other). We also use Redis for session management.
  • Our servers are all in AWS, and we make use of tech like Elastic Beanstalk to make DevOps easy.

It'd be great if you have experience working in an agile/kanban environment with Git for SCM (branching, merging, pull requests – we use GitFlow as our workflow).

Experience designing and writing unit tests within frameworks such as Mocha and Karma is also helpful.

Of course, you should be comfortable working with a command line (Unix/Linux, SSH).

Your experience & skills

You're a fit for this role if you:
  • Have several years of experience working with NodeJS and a MEAN or MERN stack (required)
  • Have shipped product (that is, something people paid for!) in a B2B SaaS environment in the past (required)
  • Have worked full time remotely in the past (preferred)
  • Love working in a small team
  • Understand when you need to build a quick and basic MVP ('hack it') and when to build a 'kitchen sink'
  • Are not afraid of debugging complicated issues or working on refactoring/updating older code
  • Want to hit the ground running and get straight into the 'thick of it'
  • Can collaborate across timezones and have flexible availability to work with a global team
  • Love deploying well-tested and effective code to production
  • Like to work on a mix of new projects and improvements to existing features
  • Some understanding or experience in social media management and/or social networks (from a business users' perspective or their API) is a plus, but definitely not required.
Apply now to be considered (including a short covering note to introduce yourself) and I'll be in touch (Rebecca).


Sked Social帮助客户在Instagram和其他社交媒体平台上安排和管理其内容的一家数字营销公司 我们与客户合作,从小型企业到全球品牌,以及两者之间的一切。我们是一家拥有15名左右的团队的初创公司,能够盈利并能为客户提供更多服务。 Sked Social目前正在寻找一个工程师,需要使用:NodeJS / Express,MongoDb,React和AngularJS。以及Redis用于会话管理。同时在AWS的系统中利用Elastic Beanstalk来简化DevOps 需要以下经验: 具有使用NodeJS和MEAN或MERN堆栈的多年经验 过去曾在B2B SaaS环境中工作


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  • Sked Social帮助客户在Instagram和其他社交媒体平台上安排和管理其内容。我们与客户合作,从小型企业到全球品牌,以及两者之间的一切。我们是一家拥有15名左右的团队的初创公司,能够盈利并能为客户提供更多服务。