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  • Prefer 3 years of consistent experience in preparing business tax returns (primarily Form 1120S and Form 1065).
  • Experience in preparing individual tax returns on Form 1040, primarily owners of small businesses
  • Experience in projecting taxable income for business owners
  • Experience in resolving inquiries from government agencies and can effectively communicate with governmental agencies
  • Candidate preferably has experience in preparing tax returns on an electronic basis and is used to a electronic format for workpapers.

  • At least 2-5 years of public accounting experience a plus
  • Working knowledge of Excel (pivot tables, advanced formulas and macros a plus)
  • QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero experience a plus
  • Business (and personal) tax experience a plus
  • Should understand financial statements (journal entries, month-end closings, etc.)
  • Two mandatory company retreats per year
  • Works well under pressure

  • Working in a world-class distributed / remote team environment
  • Flexible schedule, can work around family functions


Summit CPA Group于2002年2月在美国印第安纳州成立,提供虚拟CFO服务,主要为客户解决会计和税务问题。目前正在寻找一位税务会计师,需要有企业税务申报表方面具有3年的经验,也需要有个人及家庭税表的申报经验。要求候选人至少有2-5年公共会计经验, 也需要有Excel, QuickBooks,FreshBooks和Xero的经验


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  • Summit CPA于2002年2月在美国印第安纳州成立,提供虚拟CFO服务,包括现金流量管理,营业税计划和财务预测。