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We're looking for a talented animation and motion graphics designer to work with our product and engineering team on creating world class design and animation for our product. You'll be responsible for building the brand of our company through your design work.

What you will do:

- Create and animate, among other things, our 2D mascot
- Collaborate across functions (Product, Design, Marketing) to build in-app assets and bring the Clipboard Health bunny to life
- Help build our brand and bring joy to the many healthcare professionals that use our product to find work they love

What we are looking for:

- Passionate about bringing illustrations and designs to life
- Driven to deliver top-quality work within tight deadlines for interactive app-based animation
- Creativity in concept development, animation, storyboarding and problem solving
- Mastery in quick sketches, translating written ideas/concepts to something visual
- Excellent at creating entertaining, dramatic frame by frame 2D animations
- Good communication skill, self-motivated, and proactive
- Ability to work independently or collaboratively in a team environment
- Strong good work ethic, organization skills, and willingness to adapt and learn
- Attention to detail

Nice to haves:

3D experience, motion graphics, After Effects, Illustrator.

Please send us your:

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Clipboard Health是一家为全国范围内的医院提供高质量的医疗人员的服务公司。我们正在寻找一个有才华的动画和动态图形设计师,需要产品和工程团队合作,为clipboardhealth的产品创建世界一流的设计和动画。我们正在寻找有3D体验,动态图形,After Effects,Illustrator经验的候选人。


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  • Clipboard Health 帮助护士或其它专业护理人员根据班次需求,找到适合自己的短期或长期工作,更好的平衡工作与生活。也服务于全国范围内的医院,为医院提供高质量的医疗人员。