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who we are :

we're antidote. an email (and sms) marketing agency by people who hate boring email.

we believe the world is shallow, so we dive deep. we're a group of eternal seekers & change makers. endlessly curious and supremely inventive. we jump into our client's world (feet first), knowing that thoughtfulness connects.

on the pursuit to inspire action, we believe brand communication should engage all senses. we believe in getting rid of what's holding you back. making space. clearing the way for holistic and healthy growth. experiencing the shift on every level.

consistency conquers. what we do (and say) everyday counts more. we create powerful & dynamic brand marketing that converts.

who you are :

You’re creative. You're a positive. You’re organized. You’re experienced. You are a motivated (email) marketing manager who has experience driving growth for clients. You’ve done this before & absolutely want to do it for us (and our amazing clients).

You're a self starter. You take the initiative & make things happen. You're someone who recognizes an opportunity when they see one, but knows how to steer clear of high effort low reward mirages. You are strategic, but also know things change quickly. You love to collaborate and bring ideas to life directly with our copywriters and designers while giving feedback to realize their potential.

You enjoy written communication, and love working within (and refining) a process to make things feel more efficient & enjoyable (for our clients & us). You have a deep LOVE for modern brands, and are obsessed with the products & world they develop.

We'd like to know that you :

- have experience working on platforms like Klaviyo, Shopify & Google Analytics
- you're comfortable working with others virtually and enjoy sharing ideas and strategies
- seamlessly manage communication with multiple clients in various industries
- collaborate with copywriters & designers to bring ideas to life while driving results
- manage communication directly with clients while being positive, helpful & strategic

We also offer :

- an awesome opportunity to work from anywhere
- flexible work schedule, and streamlined communication (we work within basecamp)
- exposure to amazing brands & founders
- high responsibility & room for growth
- on-the-job training. We will continue your learning in marketing management
- if all goes well, you’ll start managing more clients and transition to a full time role


antidote是一家帮助客户通过电子邮件来进行营销,帮助品牌发展,让客户专注于业务健康。目前正在招聘一名电子邮件营销经理,需要具有在Klaviyo,Shopify和Google Analytics(分析)等平台上工作的经验


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  • antidote是一家帮助客户通过电子邮件来进行营销,帮助品牌发展,让客户专注于业务健康。