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NetProtect is a leading provider of consumer VPN offerings including IPVanish, SaferVPN, StrongVPN, and as well as SugarSync, a leading online backup service. We are looking to add to our team of world-class engineers.

Job Description:

Responsible for designing, maintenance, monitoring, performance tuning, backup and security of NetProtect's databases. Assist engineers on all aspects of NetProtect business including data modeling, normalization, table design, query optimization, data warehousing and reporting.
  • be strategic, self-motivated, creative, and highly communicative individual, capable of adapting quickly to a fast-paced and evolving environment
  • comfortable working with diverse and distributed teams
  • work closely with development and engineering teams
  • manage MySQL in production/QA/dev environments including backup & recovery, health monitoring and diagnostics
  • use, write and maintain automation and reporting tools
  • identify and recommend tools and services for managing database infrastructure where needed
  • make technical recommendations, develops and implements policies, standards, and procedures to ensure the security, integrity, and efficiency of the enterprise database(s)·

Job Requirements and Experience:
  • 5+ years of experience in database designing, installation, monitoring and administration of very large mysql databases
  • degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent related experience
  • data modelling, schema design, performance tuning
  • experience in msyql mirroring, clustering and failover strategies
  • experience with data warehousing and ETL processes
  • familiarity with RDS, Postgres and other database technologies would be an asset
  • familiarity with SOX and PCI compliance would be an asset

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NetProtect 专注于消费类 VPN 产品(包括IPVanish,SaferVPN,StrongVPN和,并且提供了领先的在线备份服务 SugarSync。目前正在招聘一名高级MySQL数据库管理员,需要有在大型mysql数据库的数据库设计,安装,监视和管理方面有5年以上的经验具有数据仓库和ETL流程的经验,并且熟悉RDS,Postgres,SOX和PCI。


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  • NetProtect 专注于消费类 VPN 产品(包括IPVanish,SaferVPN,StrongVPN和,并且提供了领先的在线备份服务 SugarSync。