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Data Revenue 全职远程


The role

Tired of data science roles that end up being mostly data engineering? Or spending years on edge cases for a single application?

Join our 100% remote, full-time, Machine Learning team, and work on exciting ML solutions every day.

Take responsibility for the entire ML project cycle: From researching the best ML approaches for a problem, to scaling your model on AWS running billion of live requests per day.

Work with us and our customers on meaningful challenges that help millions of customers: Predicting rare diseases, automating radiology assessments, optimizing car manufactoring and better managing electrical grids for entire countries.

You will like the role if you want to
  • Work 100% on machine learning projects, no data warehousing, no distractions.
  • Work on hard, interesting and meaningful challenges – like AI for digital drug discovery.
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Get stuff done and try your ideas – with 0 bureaucracy.
  • Go on team adventures around the world, twice a year.
  • Work on large & complicated datasets from companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes and Pfizer.

Skills you need
  • Excellent communication.
  • Solid Engineering Background (4+ years development experience).
  • Familiar with Python, AWS and / or Google Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Familiar with Machine Learning.

Skills you will learn
  • How to build real-world machine learning pipelines.
  • How drugs are developed, cars are built, how LCMS machines work, and genomes are sequenced and of course what the data involved looks like. – You will never be bored.

  • 2.500 – 4.500 € / month, depending on experience and location (cost of living).
  • Company shares – and shares in yearly profits.
  • Unlimited contract, paid holiday & sick days and team holidays twice per year.
  • Hardware (MacBook), if you need it.

How to apply
  • Step 1: Fill out our ML Engineer Questionnaire:
  • Step 2: Complete a small online Code Challenge.
  • Step 3: 1st Interview with our CTO and CEO
  • Step 4: Data Science Code Challenge
  • Step 5: 2nd Interview with our CTO and CEO.
  • Step 6: Offer

Junior ML Engineers

We also hire exceptionally motivated and talented junior ML engineers. If that's you apply, and we will be excited to review your application.

About Us & Where are we going
  • 12 ML Engineers (US, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Poland and Germany)
  • Growth rate: 100 - 200% per year
  • Focusing on Machine Learning in Medical Research
  • Planning Open Source tools and products for BioTech researchers
Get the chance grow your skills and take on more responsibility together with us.


Data Revenue是由来自世界各地(美国,加拿大,巴西,葡萄牙,西班牙,波兰和德国)的机器学习工程师组成的团队- 我们完全专注于为我们的客户在药物,生物技术和汽车领域,尤其是基因,血液和放射学分析等领域里构建ML产品。目前正在招聘一名机器学习工程师(Python)–医学研究,需要有超过4年的开发经验,并且熟悉Python,AWS和/或Google Cloud,Docker和Kubernetes


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  • Data Revenue是由来自世界各地(美国,加拿大,巴西,葡萄牙,西班牙,波兰和德国)的机器学习工程师组成的团队- 我们完全专注于为我们的客户在药物,生物技术和汽车领域,尤其是基因,血液和放射学分析等领域里构建ML产品。