Skedda 全职远程


We’re looking for a friendly, helpful and tech-savvy person that loves teaching people how to use things.

We’re an Australian-based SaaS startup, and it's getting a bit tricky for us to look after all of our fans in the various parts of the world.

Your role will be to help our prospective and existing customers to demonstrate how Skedda can add value to what they do.

We're a small team, so you'll have a big impact!

Your day-to-day will involve:
  • Answering email/chat questions from prospective and existing customers
  • Helping customers find solutions to their unique scenarios
  • Conducting scheduled product demos online or via phone calls
  • Collect and report feedback for driving product-development decisions 

For this role we need you to: 
  • Be motivated to help people with their questions
  • Have a friendly, engaging and relaxed style
  • Demonstrate outstanding written and verbal communication in English
  • Be generally interested in SaaS products

The position is full-time and fully remote but does require that live in a timezone between UTC +7 - UTC +11 (Eg. Australia, Singapore etc.)

About Us:

Skedda is a cloud-based, business-to-business SaaS platform for managing bookings for 'spaces' at venues. It is used by a wide spectrum of organisations to enable self-service bookings for their rooms, desks, studios, halls, courts or any other kind of 'space'. It’s truly an international product, with active customers in over 2500 cities globally.

We are 100% bootstrapped, profitable, and growing. We (the founders) build and run the product, and we’re dedicated to improving it on a daily basis.

We'd love you to join the team!




  • 名称: Skedda
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  • 公司简介:
  • Skedda 是一个基于云的企业对企业 SaaS 平台,用于管理各种场地的预订。它是真正的国际产品,在全球 2500 多个城市拥有活跃的客户。我们是盈利并持续增长的,不依赖任何的外部投资。