Web4Realty 全职远程




Web4Realty has a big vision. We launched in 2011, serve thousands of real estate agents across Canada and US, and haven’t even scratched the surface. Our plan is to take over North America and become the go-to software for real estate professionals.

We’re looking for a Remote Creative Web Designer to join our growing team. This remote position allows you to work from home, or wherever you’re most productive. We’re looking for smart, creative, and motivated people who have a passion for helping clients turn their visions to realities.

If you’re looking to grow your career by joining one of the fastest-growing providers in the industry, we want to hear from you!


Web4Realty was founded in 2011, and has quickly become an industry leader in real estate tech industry. Since day one, we’ve prided ourselves on being a company that solves real problems for our clients. We're an ambitious group, and have a strong belief in being supportive and accommodating, while empowering our team members to be optimal in their roles.

Team culture is the most important thing to us. Without a dedicated and cohesive team, we wouldn’t be able to make the strides that we have. Working at Web4Realty is one of the most unique work opportunities you will ever experience. We're committed to transparency, collaboration, experimentation, and always staying classy.

Because of this unique remote culture, we've established one of the most flexible and well designed work environments around that encourages you to work as you work best. Ensuring that our team members are healthy, motivated, focused and creative is how Web4Realty stays awesome. In a nutshell, we've built and are growing a place where we truly love working, and we think you will too.

We're also very proud to be 100% bootstrapped and revenue-financed. We’re a fully remote company, with team members distributed across eight countries around the world (and growing).

Web4Realty is expanding to markets across North America, and couldn’t be more excited - we are just getting started!

What we offer?
  • Enforced happy lifestyle
  • Competitive salary
  • Revenue sharing
  • Flexible schedules
  • Paid vacation
  • Personally tailored growth opportunities


One of the key services we provide to our clients is website design. We offer one of the most robust and dynamic website builders in the world. Because of how customizable our PageManager CMS is, we’re able to create some of the most beautiful real estate websites on the market.

As a Remote Web Designer, you’ll utilize PageManager to complete website projects for clients in a professional and timely manner. After a design project is sold, you’ll be accountable for speaking with clients directly, understanding their needs, fulfill their orders to meet their requirements - and most importantly, put a smile on their face!

Required Skills
  • Has worked remotely for +3 years
  • Extensive experience with several website builders
  • Has an eye for beautiful design
  • Amazing customer service
  • Great communicator
  • Knows Photoshop well
  • A great troubleshooter
  • Time management skills




  • 名称: Web4Realty
  • 官网: http://web4realty.com
  • 公司简介:
  • Web4Realty是一家为加拿大和美国的数千个房地产经纪人提供服务的公司,帮助他们吸引潜在客户,建立关系并达成交易。