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As an Account Executive at Chili Piper, you will drive Chili Piper's future growth engine by generating new business deals. You are excited about prospecting to potential customers, and are capable of identifying high potential Customers for Chili Piper. You are adept at identifying high value opportunities and capable of managing the sales cycle bringing in Stakeholders and providing an excellent customer experience. You are used to delivering value in competitive situations and enjoy working on products that drive the future of Sales. Finally, you enjoy building – you like to actively participate in the development of building sales processes and have fun building out our EMEA Sales team.

We take a data driven, analytical approach to sales, and are looking for someone who is confident in both prospecting to customers and in helping close new business. If you’re hungry, smart, persistent, and a great teammate, we want to hear from you!


  • Identify high-potential businesses and develop and execute outbound strategies to bring them to Chili Piper
  • Develop and lead outbound campaigns from idea-generation through to qualified meetings
  • Run demos, follow up calls, and close deals
  • Work with cross-functional teams and build the roots of our EMEA Sales team


Chili Piper 致力于帮助企业更好的服务他们的客户,通过入库线索管理,能根据时间限定和分配线索到正确的销售代表。目前正在招聘一名DACH客户经理,需要能为我们增加业务并制定和执行策略,跟进客户,并达成交易。


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  • Chili Piper 致力于帮助企业更好的服务他们的客户,通过入库线索管理,能根据时间限定和分配线索到正确的销售代表。