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Start Here, Go Anywhere! Are you looking for an opportunity to shape a better world?
Sahoja is creating an online community for positive change. During your experience at Sahoja, you’ll have the chance to work with some of the industry’s most innovative technology and highly creative ideas. You’ll also get the opportunity to work on exciting and significant projects, delivering quality work that has a positive and lasting influence on the community and the environment.
As an Azure DevOps Engineer, you will contribute the design, implementation, and deployments of Azure cloud-based applications in their software. Some responsibilities may include implementing CI/CD pipelines with Azure DevOps, creating proof-of-concepts, and working closely with stakeholders to ensure all projects are running smoothly.


· BA in computer science or similar field/equivalent.

· Previous working experience as a Cloud engineer 1-3 years and at least 6 months working on Azure

· 1-3 years’ experience with Deployment Pipelines

· 1-3 years’ experience with Virtual Networks (VPC/VNET)

· Familiarity with Serverless

· 1-3 years of Python

· Strong analytical skills and problem-solving aptitude

· Attention to detail

· A self-starter with DevOps skills

• Implement, manage and monitor environments in Azure
• Design and implement automated processes for provisioning, testing, deployment and management of environments
• Develop and refine internal DevOps processes
• Enable multi-tenant solutions
• Collaborate with QA and software engineers to enhance our software development cycle, automate pre-release integration and end-to-end testing, and incorporate post-release regression testing
• Solid experience with cloud-based deployment, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting
• Experience with the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.
• Experience with industry-standard tools for infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, visualization, and alerting.
• Experience with Terraform/Azure DevOps
• Proficient automation skills using a combination of scripting and third-party tools
• Familiar with Function and Logic Apps


Sahoja是一个在线社区,旨在帮助个人和组织共享,在交流中产生不同的想法,分享爱好,提供产品和服务。 Sahoja正在招聘Azure DevOps工程师。需要有1-3年工作经验的云工程师,并且至少有6个月在Azure上工作,同时要有1-3年的部署管道经验和1-3年的虚拟网络(VPC / VNET)经验 


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  • Sahoja是一个在线社区,旨在帮助个人和组织共享,在交流中产生不同的想法,分享爱好,提供产品和服务。