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Mayven Studios is a fully remote design, engineering, and content agency that specializes in helping Silicon Valley brands like Facebook, Google, Andreessen Horowitz, Airbnb, Mixpanel and more with design and engineering. We have been remote our whole existence and have 50 team members in 17 countires.

We are investing in content creation for our internal accounts, with the intent of eventually offering this to clients. This role will shape how we approach scaling our online social media and distribution and we're willing to really make some noise, so come at us with your best ideas.

This role is for someone hungry looking to scale accounts from 10k followers to 50k+ followers, with a heavy focus on Instagram and Twitter.  The first accounts if you want to check them out are:

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Mayven是一家独立的设计和工程工作室。服务产品包括品牌的UI / UX设计,营销页面设计,Web应用程序开发,移动应用程序开发,前端开发和WordPress开发。目前正在招聘一名数字营销专员,需要将我们社交软件上的帐户从1万关注者扩展到5万以上。


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  • Mayven是一家独立的设计和工程工作室。服务产品包括品牌的UI / UX设计,营销页面设计,Web应用程序开发,移动应用程序开发,前端开发和WordPress开发。