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中/高级Ruby on Rails开发人员

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Who we're looking for

We're looking for a Mid/Senior FullStack developer to join our Product Development team. 
Our current stack is: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, jQuery, Alpine.js, Tailwind

You need to feel comfortable doing both Backend tasks and also implementing Frontend views with provided designs. We work with lots of external API's, so you need be a quick learner and be able to quickly make your way with unfamiliar documentation.

We currently have tens of millions of records in our DB and thousands of stores that depend on Checkout X to process their sales. So you need to be comfortable to work with a large scale app in which downtime is simply unacceptable. 

What is the job about

  • 👍  Writing production-ready code.
  • 🤜  Designing scalable codebase & architecture
  • 👌  Ensure that your code does the right thing. You do business analysis.
  • 🤞  Ensure that your code works. You do testing.
  • 💪  Be ready to get your hands dirty and refactor 💩.

Why join

  • 😴  Arrange your time to suit you. Do your job, 'when' is up to you.
  • 🌴 ️ Work anywhere you like
  • 🖥  Co-working space, if you want one. 
  • ✈️  Two team retreats per year
  • 🤑  Competitive Salary
  • 💰  Company shares

What is required

  • 🙊  Fluent English ( our team is international )
  • 🤓  Extensive experience in Ruby on Rails.
  • 🤓  Extensive experience in JavaScript.
  • 👻  No fear of HTML/CSS.
  • 🕛  Availability in standard CET working hours 
  • 😇  Don't be an asshole. Beyond that, you do you.

It's also appreciated if you are:

  • 🦄 Proactive
  • 😹 Funny
  • 📑 Organised
  • 🌊 Easy-going

How to get in touch

Say hi at with:
  • A general overview of your skills/experience - CV / LinkedIn / Site / Github
  • A short/medium message that shares a bit about you


Checkout X是一家具有全球视野的自筹资金创业公司,我们正在为电子商务构建Ultimate Checkout解决方案。目前正在招聘一名英语流利的中/高级Ruby on Rails开发人员,需要有Ruby on Rails和JavaScript经验