Catalog 全职远程


We’re looking for a Product Design Lead to join our small design studio! We often act as the first creative force for our clients and that requires a wide range of capabilities.

We’re looking for someone who:
  • Has an incredible eye for design and ability to execute on it
  • Has an ability to synthesize and understand complex product problems
  • Is able to juggle multiple things at once
  • Has great oral and written abilities in English
  • Has worked in-house at a early-mid stage startup and shipped features to production
  • Has at least 5 years of professional experience
  • Has worked with Figma extensively as a design tool
  • Is ambitious, curious, always learning
  • Would be fun to hang out with!

Some of your responsibilities will be: 
  • Communicating and acting as primary point person with Catalog's clients
  • Briefing designers on new projects and ensuring our quality bar is met every time
  • Executing and designing projects for our clients on your own
  • Building and iterating on Catalog’s own internal projects.




  • 名称: Catalog
  • 官网:
  • 公司简介:
  • Catalog是面向早期初创企业的全方位服务设计工作室。我们的客户遍布SaaS,金融科技,消费者,医疗保健,AI,社交,B2B等各个行业。