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We are looking for a full stack Ruby on Rails web developer who can rapidly develop, launch and maintain multiple web apps for our clients. These apps may be deployed on cloud platforms such as Heroku and AWS, or the apps may be deployed inside the clients intranet inside the firewall. The typical user count of the apps will be less than 100. However, the app may need to ingest a lot of data. You will work directly under the CTO of the company, and will be involved in multiple projects. 

Your responsibilities: 

  • Take design prototypes and wireframes done by our UX designer and turn it into a working web app.
  • Design the infrastructure of the app, including databases, caching, backend jobs, CI pipelines, micro services as needed.
  • Ensure that the app is secure. We work with sensitive data for our clients.
  • Work with our data scientists so that our machine learned models can work with the app.
  • Develop and deploy the app in production.
  • Maintain the app.
  • Do the above for potentially multiple apps in parallel.

Desired qualities: 

  • You have good taste.
  • You understand the web and MVC intimately.
  • You are smart and can get things done quickly and correctly the first time.
  • You can learn new technologies to get the job done as necessary.
  • You are responsible.
  • You are good with data and data manipulations and visualizations.
  • Nice to have but not necessary: Japanese

About us: 

Palo Alto Insight is an AI company catering to businesses in Japan. We work with our clients to identify high impact areas in their businesses that can benefit from current AI technologies, and develop custom built AI tools for our clients. We serve many industries such as manufacturings, logistics, e-commerce, and fin-tech. Our philosophy is remote first, and 100% of our team is working remotely. This is the team you will be working with (Japanese only, please use Google translate to translate it). Most of our apps are deployed into the cloud, where both us and the clients can use it. 


  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans
  • A competitive 401(k) retirement savings program
  • Paid vacation and sick leave policy
  • Personal development up to $2000 per year - Personal development books, courses and conferences
  • Company provided MacBook Pro 
  • Fully remote with limited travel to Japan if on site deployment support is required
If you feel you are a good candidate for the job, please send us your resume, portfolio (GitHub repositories), and a short memo on how you fulfill the desired qualities. Email us at careers at paloaltoinsight dot com


Palo Alto Insight是一家AI公司,与制造业,物流,电子商务和金融科技等许多行业的客户进行合作,帮助客户确定其业务中可以从当前AI技术中受益的领域,并且开发定制的AI工具。目前正在招聘一名Ruby on Rails开发人员,需要对MVC有深入的了解,并且在工作中需要设计应用程序的基础架构,包括数据库,缓存,后端作业等。


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  • Palo Alto Insight是一家AI公司,与制造业,物流,电子商务和金融科技等许多行业的客户进行合作,帮助客户确定其业务中可以从当前AI技术中受益的领域,并且开发定制的AI工具。